Tomorrow, Daud Jordan and Ongen Saknosiwi Received by the President

Rondeaktual.com, Jakarta – World Boxing Association (IBA) Junior welterweight Champion 63.5 kilograms Daud Jordan and World Champion IBA featherweight 57 kilograms Ongen Saknosiwi will be received by President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace, Bogor, Tomorrow (Wednesday, 27/11/2019).

Daud and Ongen will be accompanied by Chairman of the Indonesian Sports Committee Raja Sapta Oktohari, President Director of Crown Promotion Gustiantira Alandy, promoter Urgyen Rinchen Sim, and coach Pino Bahari.

“Before meeting Mr. Preiden tomorrow afternoon, we first met Mr. Minister of Sports in Senayan,” Promoter Urgyen Rinchen Sim said.

When this news was compiled, Daud Jordan was on his way from his residence in Kayong, West Kalimantan, to Jakarta. Pino Bahari also traveled from Denpasar to Jakarta. Meanwhile, Ongen Saknosiwi, Raja Sapta Oktohari, Gustiantira Alandy, and Urgyen Rinchen Sim, were in Jakarta.

Through the Batu City Boxing Crown Series, David Jordan won the International Boxing Association (IBA) junior welterweight title through a round 9 TKO victory over Michael Mokoena (South Africa), which took place in the parking lot of the Senyum World Hotel, East Java Park 3, Kota Batu , Sunday (11/17/2019).

An hour before David’s victory and at the same place, Indonesian Air Force Chief Ongen Saknosiwi won the IBA featherweight title through a 12-round victory over Marco Demecillo (Philippines).

Sunday afternoon boxing in Batu was witnessed by Batu Mayor Dewanti Roempoko, KOI Chairperson Raja Sapta Oktohari, Former PP Pertina Chairperson Nono Sampono, Jakarta Chairperson Hengky Silatang, Chairperson of the Indonesian Professional Boxing Commission Ruhut Sitompul, boxing legend Wongso Suseno.


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