⚖️ official weigh in done ✅
Masterfully organized by the promoters/Musset brothers 🏆with the assistance of famous Trainer Freddie Roach 🇺🇸

🥇IBA World championship super welters division 12×3 mn
David Papot (curent champion) vs
Bilel Jkitou
🥇IBA Intercontinental championship bantamweight division 10×3 mn
Loic Tajan (curent champion) vs
Rosendo Hugo Guarneros
🥇IBA International championship middleweight division 10×3 mn
Matteo Hache vs Anauel Ngamissengue

* Supervisor
Iana Bilokonenko 🇺🇦
* Judges et referees
Jean Louis Legland 🇫🇷
Klaus Hagemaan 🇩🇪
Marc Lemiere 🇫🇷
Nikita Versockis 🇱🇻

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